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SEQ 4 Mayors' Forum

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Rebrand & Relaunch

This time is the time, the 26th of May. We'll be hosting our first official event live from a new and improved location !

This will be the perfect opportunity to show everyone the new membership tiers, the new Ambassadors' roles and how to get into it, with the usual network experience and a new exciting, digital launch  that allows you to tap in a huge pool of new contacts, new clients and of course new opportunities!

We are waiting for you to join us for this members only event to really work together on your new network. Click here for tickets



Joining forces with the Small Business Association of Australia,  enables our network to be national and even international. SBAA can also help BWCC members the following:

Australia has numerous regulations especially in the areas of compliance such as FWA, ATO, ACCC, ASIC to name a few. BWCC & SBAA can steer the small business owner in the right direction and assist the small business owner when dealing with regulatory bodies. Click here to enquire

BWCC & SBAA members have a dedicated advice line via SBAA to help members with industrial relations including employment contracts, staffing and payment, superannuation obligations and dispute management. Click here to enquire

BWCC & SBAA members have peace of mind knowing that legal advice is only a phone call or email away. Please note legal advice is verbal only based off information provided and does not include undertaking legal works. Click here to enquire


Our Ambassadors help drive the expansion of our networks and we have a limited opportunity in 2021 for 3 more ambassadors. Click here for more information.

There is also an opening for a young, aspiring professional with Board / C Suite ambitions to join us as Treasurer. Please contact us if you're interested.

Local Advertising Offer



Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce helps connect business owners & employees with other business owners & employees, and with consumers.

We're here to help business owners & employees understand how and why digital transformation works in future-proofing a business.

We want to demonstrate ourselves that for all companies, adoption of technology helps back-end processes, data acquisition and maintenance, as well as evolve customer-centric organisations.

We bring together local business and community leaders for total transparency on local issues so that all stakeholders are informed and encouraged to contribute to the conversation.

We are engaging with all levels of Government, business and most importantly the community we live in.

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