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Part-time Gigs Leading the Jobs Recovery in the March Labour Force Print

15 Apr 2021 1:42 PM | Dr Marcus Smith (Administrator)

The March, 2021 Labour Force survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the total number of employed persons in Australia is higher than at this time last year on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Over the month, the national economy put on 70,700 jobs (+0.5%) driven by an increase of 91,500 part-time roles which offset a decrease of 20,800 full-time positions.

Over the year to March, there were 74,300 additional employed persons (+0.6%) nationally (76,800 more part-time and 2,500 less full-time workers)

However, while the national unemployment rate fell 0.2% to 5.6% over the month, it remains 0.4% higher than at March last year with an additional 62,100 (+8.7%) more unemployed persons.

Looking at the breakdowns by state for the month shows that Queensland has performed exceptionally well compared to other states (on a net basis second to Western Australia), with 23,256 jobs created consisting of an addition 39,180 part-time roles offsetting a loss of 15,924 full-time jobs.

On a year on year basis to March, Queensland's net job creation leads the nation with an additional 62,796 employed persons with 36,261 more full-time positions and 26,535 more part-time roles.

In March, there were a total of 14,669 more males employed and 8,587 more females than in February.

Year on year to March, the statistics show the increase in the number of females employed in Queensland was 40,565 (+3.3%), almost double the growth in the number of males employed 22,231 (+0.7%).

The robust jobs growth in Queensland has also pushed the Queensland unemployment rate down from 6.1% in February to 5.9% in March, improving Queensland's position from holding the second-highest jobless rate in the country.

However, the male unemployment rate in Queensland for March remains substantially higher at 6.5% compared with 5.2% for females.

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