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Upcoming events

    • 25 Oct 2021
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • One Table Cafe, 41 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore

    More than just another coffee meetup but a turning of the tide in the way we drive a community of care. 

    "It is now an imperative that we recognise that everything is connected; business, life and even our psychology". 
    Leo di Pinto (Vice President BWCC). 

    "Our members and the community at large needs to feel like there is a community that cares". 
    Ian Macpharlane (BWCC Ambassador)

    We will be hearing from the influencers in our community on the topical matters and what is front of mind for business. 

    This coffee meetup also represents the community that helps to define the messaging and advocacy work which we will end up lifting up through industry and into the halls of Government. 

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