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  • 30 Sep 2020 3:56 PM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    Microsoft 365 is a suite of products from Microsoft to provide a business with a platform to operate your entire business with, from one to 1000s end users, with low monthly costs. Being a cloud based system it allows small businesses especially to be highly productive while operating from anywhere anytime on any device. More

  • 30 Sep 2020 3:52 PM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    While a dated report, in 2011 the cost of crime in Australia was estimated at approximately $23.1 billion and when combined with the costs of criminal justice, victim assistance, security, insurance and household precautions the total estimated cost of crime to the community rose to $47.6 billion. Taking inflation into account, that estimate is equivalent to around $55.4 billion in today’s dollar terms. Crime is not only distressing for its victims, but it is also bad for business. More

  • 7 Sep 2020 11:10 AM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    First Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce community bike ride. A small but beautifully formed posse including myself. And we got to sit next to the party bird.

  • 24 Mar 2020 10:45 AM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    Dear BWCC Members, Supporters, Partners & Extended Network

    By now you’ll have seen so many communications around the virus that I don’t suppose that you will want to read yet another. And, as I am not an expert on pandemics I won’t presume to comment on something I don’t understand. I’ll let the various Governments do their job on that.

    What I do have expertise in is The Economy. 25 years of foreign exchange and other instrument trading tells me that the virus has fast-tracked the demise of the global economy and that the economic pain is going to be extreme and will last for a long time. 

    Having witnessed many financial disasters the only advice I can give you is that all companies now need to become lean startups. Some obvious tips might be

    • Conserve your cash

    • Negotiate better rates with the banks, understand what your obligations with them are

    • Use contractors rather than employ staff, develop a more agile and lean workforce

    • Make sure your credit policies are robust

    • Recheck and reset your short and mid term budgets, understand where your sales are coming from, initiate and innovate new and different revenue streams

    • Understand all Federal and State Government stimulus and industry assistance packages and support

    There is a lot of misinformation around. The small business sector will tell you that larger companies can afford to take a loss. That’s just not true, it’s the bigger companies that can’t turn themselves around quickly enough in a crisis, and it’s their demise that takes down all of their smaller suppliers. So don’t be part of that supply chain and if you really can’t avoid it, limit your exposure.

    And… for every crash there is an opportunity. As a newly formed lean startup, now is that chance to innovate, spot gaps in markets, and displace older business models.

    As a Chamber of Commerce we are going to provide you with the advice you need, delivered by industry experts. The first of these is a Live Stream from The Precinct, the QLD Govt’s Innovation Hub and is titled: 

    LIVE STREAM: Navigating catastrophes and driving change for Accountants and other Professional Services

    Featuring Rob Nixon

    All businesses can learn from excellent business models and practices even if it’s not directly relevant to their specific business. We’re expecting Rob to be forthright and not be worried about upsetting those set in their ways. 

    And, we too will be innovating, changing the way we do things in a new era.

    Keep in touch…..


    Ian Reynolds
    Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce.

  • 8 Feb 2020 1:10 PM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    "Good morning Ian

    Nominations are now open for the 2020 Queensland Training Awards<> - recognising the best in vocational education and training (VET), from apprentices and students through to teachers, employers and training organisations.

    I would like to encourage all Brisbane West Chamber members, that provide their employees with exemplary levels of training, to consider nominating in one of the Employer of the Year<> award categories.

    To date the Brisbane West region has been very under-represented in QTA nominations, something I would like to change!  If you are aware of a local employer, large or small, that has an outstanding achievement in the area of vocational education and training  I would be very happy to follow up and assist with the nomination.

    Similarly, I would be happy to answer questions anyone might have.


    Michael Krafft
    Program Manager
    Metropolitan Region - Training and Employment Pathways
    Department of Employment, Small Business and Training"

  • 8 Feb 2020 12:59 PM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    Suburban Shopfront Activation

    Brisbane City Council is bringing our suburbs to life by encouraging pop-up use of empty suburban shopfronts.

    Suburban Shopfront Activation is a pilot program that encourages property owners with vacant premises in Brisbane suburbs to provide opportunities for temporary use by emerging businesses.

    Council is also putting out a call to emerging businesses that are interested in occupying a temporary space and will maintain a register to assist property owners in finding a suitable temporary tenant.

    This program is one of the ways that Council is striving to ensure Brisbane is Australia’s most small business-friendly city with more support in the suburbs.

  • 8 Feb 2020 12:48 PM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    Ever wanted to know more about supports available to grow your business?

    Come to a free event in Ipswich on the 26th of February, 2020.

  • 31 Jan 2020 11:42 AM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)

    President’s Letter 2020

    26th January 2020

    Dear Members

    Welcome to 2020 and an unfamiliar situation.

    Australia has always been cushioned from international incidents, global financial events and the unfortunate glare of world politics by being a very large country with a small population  in an uninhabited timezone.

    That seems to have changed. The world is now re-evaluating our country and we find ourselves under scrutiny for the first time. And our Government doesn’t seem to want to be involved on the bigger stage. We have a faltering economy and multiple concurrent national disasters. It’s really important that as business owners, employees, mums, dads and citizens young and old, we focus on what we can achieve for our country.

    The one thing we can all contribute to, is the Economy.

    At Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce, 2020 is about helping businesses connect with each other on a trustworthy basis. By making warm introductions, businesses of all size can interact with each other and this will bring transactions, revenue and GDP for the country.

    The measure that politicians like to measure is jobs. Just inventing jobs makes no difference. Only a vibrant economy can produce a sustainable job market.

    Let’s start 2020 by coming together in a trusted environment for mutual benefit.

    Help us help you help Australia for a better economy in 2020


    Ian Reynolds


    Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce

  • 30 Jan 2020 7:24 PM | Ian Reynolds (Administrator)


    Proudly supported by the Brisbane City Council.

    Gold Sponsor Bartercard and 10 local business industry groups including the Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce

    CALL FOR EXHIBITORS 200 Stands + 2000 Business Visitors.

    Book Your Stand : Get set for 2020 ! Already 105 expo stands already booked

    Exhibitor Stand Fee Includes :

    ✅ Pre Expo Training to help you prepare

    ✅ Lunch for two on expo day

    Show -Tell - Sell Sell Sell your products + services

    Be VISIBLE and connect with more local business owners in 2020.

    Proven sales generating event with over 21 business expos now successfully completed.

    Get an exhibitor pack emailed to you - jump on and book and lock out your competitor

    (check your spam folder if the info pack does not hit your email inbox)

    YES I am interested in a Stand Brisbane Expo 26 March




    ADD to your marketing plan + budget for 2020 - affordable + cost effective.

    Exhibitors price includes lunch for 2 on the expo day + tickets to the pre expo training workshop

    YOU CAN BOOK YOUR STANDS NOW and lock out your competitor!

    Only 3- 4 of any kind of business can exhibit.

    Brisbane Small Business Expo - 26 March

    Redlands Coast Business Expo - 16 April

    Moreton Bay Region Business Expo - 9 July

    Gold Coast Business Expo - 15 Oct

    Brisbane West Business Expo - Coming soon

    Newcastle Business Expo - Coming soon

    Exhibitor/Speaker/Sponsor info at

    Info Pack is directly emailed to you - check your spam folder if you cant see it

    6 years - 21 expos - $20 million generated - 3000 exhibitors - 20,000 attendees –

    proven sales lead platform - both B2B + B2C audiences.

    Questions? Paula Brand 0475 411 793 or

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