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BWCC's goal to solve the biggest problems for business success based on the concept that 'if we can fix the most immediate problems, then we can probably fix many of the other problems, simply because we are starting to succeed.

BWCC's process to ensure these business problems are solved include:

  • Surveying our 800+ members along with the memberships of collaborating Chambers and networking groups
  • Use this information to determine the biggest problems
  • Invite selected contributors to the survey, to 'Pitch Their Problem'" their problem at BWCC events
  • Well known industry leaders will help the "pitcher" break down the problem to the point where they can start to solve the problem at the most granular level
  • During Business Over Breakfasts and Networking Evenings a focus on these problems and potential solutions throughout the year
  • Facilitate Professional Development Workshops where experts and mentors in the relevant business area will address specific problems being experienced by those businesses attending and how to fix those problems.
  • An Awards night at the end of the year culminating to recognise the success stories of the year. 
BWCC partners with Brisbane City Council, QLD State Government, Regional Development Australia, Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups, Small Business Association of Australia and Small Business Expos amongst others.
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